Flooring And Coating Services

We are engaged in providing services for Flooring And Coating. We are one of the leading engineer contractors Epoxy Flooring, Polymerization Flooring,Autistic Flooring,Vingle Ester Flooring,Acid Proof Brick/Tile limning,Mastic Hoorping in this field for the past two decade.

Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring

Our Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring service range includes the following works, and ensures to meet all the quality parameters and provide the best to our clients.

This range includes:

Clean the surface with the wire brush
Apply epoxy primer on surface
Apply epoxy screed on primer (3 mm approx)
Apply HIGH BUILD color epoxy on screed with spike roller.

Mastic Flooring

Our service range includes Mastic Flooring Services, which finds their usage in acid proof lining on vertical areas and floors. We owe to this kind of protection; so that the mastic flooring doesn't require mesh reinforcement for lining purposes. Mastic floor ensures a hard wearing and durable surface that safeguards it against passage of dampness.

In this we do the following:

Apply bituminous primer on surface.
Apply 25 to 50 mm thick mastic flooring on surface.
Area of application: - Gas godown

Trimix Flooring

We also engage in the task of Trimix Flooring also known as vacuum dewatered floors. Our Trimix Flooring has enormous advantage over the traditional concrete floors and has gained worldwide fame in a very short span of time. Counting the major benefits of trimix flooring, it increases the compressive strength and the tensile strength of the floor.

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