Grouting & Filling Services

Leading Service Provider of Epoxy Grouting and Expansion Joint Filling from Ahmedabad.

Epoxy Grouting

We offer our clients superior quality Epoxy Grouting. These are appreciated for their effectiveness and durability features. Epoxy grouting can also be referred as moisture intensive grout that is used for filling cavities and cracks like column, beam, bridges, concrete structures, etc.

In this service we provide the following:

Fix the nipple in concrete or masonry wall
Apply epoxy or polymer grouting on wall or bim & column
Area of application: - bim, column, tank, wall

Expansion Joint Filling

We are engaged in providing services of Expansion Joint Filling. It is used for Prevents cracking of concrete slabs during expansion and protects the sub grade by providing a water-tight seal thereby preventing percolation of surface water.

In this service we provide the following:

Clean the joint properly.
Fill the thermocol if required.
Apply primer on surface.
Fill the joint with polysulphide sealant.
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